MOST RECENT ILSA PHOTOS  (click on any photo, then use navigation arrows on top)
indoor_full_view.jpg indoor_near_full_view.jpg ilsa_closure_sign.jpg ilsa_wading_pool_bohms_1.jpg Apartments in lieu of old ILSA entrance.JPG
ILSA sign.JPG Gabe & Tzulu in ILSA wading pool.JPG Tzulu & Gabe in wading pool.JPG Pool - Space between glass wall and net.JPG Pool - Overall view.JPG
Pool - deep end 3.jpg Pool - shallow end.JPG ILSA pool - shallow end.JPG Tzulu in water 1.JPG Tzulu leaning on goal 2.JPG
Gabe in pool 1.JPG Gabe in water 1.JPG Gabe on block 2 (3).JPG Gabe in goal.JPG ILSA factory building.JPG