The links below will take you to a few historic ILSA-related newspaper articles. Many thanks to all contributors.

Oldest ILSA article on record (1940)

Sport Kritika article (circa 1940)

Weinreich Lali photograph (1945)

Adalbert Sterbenz (Stanescu) photograph (1945)

Polonia - Romania (late 1940's)

Sportul Popular article (late 1940's)

Sportul Popular article (1953)   

Szabad Szo article (1958)   

Timisoara city championship (1961)  

Campionatele regionale de juniori  (circa 1961)

Romania's best breaststrokers (1961)

Resita indoor meet (1962)  

Banat regional championship (1962)  

Romania's best freestyle swimmers (1962)

Romanian national finals (juniori) (1962)

Romania's best breaststrokers (1962)  

Bucharest swim meet (1963)

Local swim meet (1964)  

National meet in Bucharest (1964)  

Banat regional indoor meet (1965)  

Water polo first division schedule (circa 1965)   

Timisoara University championship (circa 1965)  

Water polo game against Rapid Bucharest (1966)   

Neue Banater Zeitung article (circa 1968)

Water polo game against Tirgu Mures (circa 1968)   

Divizia B water polo game (1971)  

Neue Banater Zeitung article (1971)

Turneul de calificare pentru divizia A (1972)

Alexandru Cinteanu interview (1983)

ILSA youth water polo (1985)            

ILSA youth water polo (1986)

Adalbert Stanescu - basketball player? (2001)

ILSA demolition article (2003)