This page is dedicated to Baneth Peter, who after a successful swimming career at ILSA, went on to become a world-class modern pentathlonist.

Baneth Peter with his World Champion medal 

Highest achievements as a Modern Pentathlonist


World Champion, Masters, 1998 (Rome, Italy)

European Champion, Masters, 1999 (Tallinn, Estonia)

National Champion, Romania (circa 1970)



World Champion, Masters, 2004 (Pecs, Hungary)

European Champion, Masters, 2003 (Prague, Czech Republic)


 Brief biography

Born in 1944, Baneth Peter Ivan started swimming in the mid-to-late 1950s and soon became one of Lovas Peter's top swimmers. In the early sixties, Baneth Peter became Romania's national champion (15-16 year old age group) in the 400 meter free event and was considered to be one of the best prospects of the Romanian swimming.

In the mid sixties, Baneth switched to modern pentathlon, a budding sport in Romania, and rose to the top in no time. As the reigning Romanian national champion, he was able to attract Rolik Francisc, yet another top ILSA swimmer, to join him as a pentathlonist. Together, they dominated the domestic scene, then later, as members of the Romanian national team, they both defected to Germany. Baneth Peter's career as a pentathlonist continued in his new country (German national champion?).

Over the ensuing decades, Baneth Peter has remained a major force in international modern penthatlon. Competing in the Masters category for his adoptive country of Germany, Baneth Peter has gone all the way to the top (see box above).