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Romanian Water Polo Federation - List of "Maestrii ai Sportului" (includes ILSA folks)

Romanian Water Polo Federation - First teams in Romania (ILSA mentioned)

EnduRoMania (Tzulu Morariu's enterprise)

Mircea Pentia (former backstroker)

Roland Freund, M.D.  (water polo great, son of ILSA's Imre Freund)

Peter G.O. Freund (former ILSA swimmer) 

Peter G.O. Freund's literary home page

Ingrid Donath (Arden), D.D.S.

Kerek Ferko's company

Virgil Balint, M.D. (former ILSA goalie)

Tudor Bompa (former Olympic rower and rowing coach, with some ILSA association)

Dr. Dieter Koch (former ILSA goalie)

Mircea Breazu (Benjamin Armbruster) (former ILSA swimmer)

Mircea Breazu (Benjamin Armbruster) (former ILSA swimmer)

Dr. Roderich Koch-Pausz (former ILSA swimmer and goalie)

Uliczay Harry (former ILSA swimmer)

Perl Miklos (Miki-Bacsi)  (formet ILSA activist)