I sometimes surf the net in search of old friends, and in October 2002, I managed to locate Tzulu Morariu and his EnduRoMania site. In the ensuing exchange of emails, we mostly talked about our common ILSA friends and acquaintances, and that's when I learned about Tzulu's desire to reconnect with Robi Ladner, his long-lost childhood friend. Knowing that Robi had settled in Israel, I asked my Jerusalem-based brother Gyuri (Jean), to track him down. Tzulu and Robi were reunited a few days later.

I then sent Tzulu an old photo showing Lovas Peter's swim team and at that point he said "I have lots of photos myself, why don't we start an ILSA web site?", and I went "Great idea, how come I haven't thought of this first?"

Shortly thereafter I became the designated webmaster and the rest is history ... Lots of credit must be given to my oldest son, Danny, whose technical assistance was much needed during the site's first few days.

Gabe Bohm

California, USA

April 2003